I wanna be the boshy 3 is a game for the Nintendo 360

you play as a box of solgryn on your quest to become the boshy as you play through multiple worlds defeating bosses

world 1: fun world (world of fun) boss: smily face

world 2: cool world (swag) boss: sunglasses

world 3: witwix land - boss: magoo

world 4: kale land - boss: crimson

wolr d5: land land (land alnd land) boss: LAND

world 6: mairo - boss: question markl block

world 7: invisible land (you cant see anything) boss: nothing

world 8: eye rape land (flashu colors) boss: ear rape spider

world 9: weston douglas world - boss: piano

world 10: ninja gordon - boss: ninja gordon

world 11: DEATH

final boss: bshy

fun game 10/10