Kirby's Adventure Ultra Is A Kirby Game For The 3DVision.

Worlds And LevelsEdit

1. Dreamland

2. Mount DDD

3. Cappy Castle

4. Halberd

5. The Dark Core

1-1: A Good Start Of An Adventure

1-2: Were Kidnapped!!!

1-3: The Falling Fortress

1-BOSS: Whispy Woods Forest

2-1: The Main Path

2-2: DDD Sewers

2-3: The Grand Hall

2-BOSS: DDD Fights

3-1: Cappys Are Dumb

3-2: The Firey Room

3-3: Cappy In Danger

3-BOSS: King Cappy

4-1: The Deck Of The Halberd

4-2: Falling Platforms

4-3: The Chase

4-BOSS: Meta Knight Duel

5-1: Aboard All Else

5-2: Hyper Zone

5-3: Boss Rush

5-FINAL BOSS: Nightmare Soul Brawl