Kirby Wii Returns 2 Is A Game For The Wii

Playable CharactersEdit


King DDD*



Note: A * Means It Is Not Playable Via Single-Player Mode.

Pages And CoursesEdit

1- Grass Land

1. A Great Adventure

2. Nruff Ambush*

3. A Nice Way To Love Eachother

4. Hey You Kirby!**

2- Snowy Pack***

1. Icy Rink

2. Thin Ice

3. Snowball Rage

4. Icy Race**

3- Cloudy Skies

1. Double Trouble

2. Stairs To Heaven*

3. Its Your Turn To Shine!

4. Wham Bam Rock Ghost Meeting****

4- The End!***

1. The Mess

2. A Right Time To Turn

3. Timeout

4. The Final Showdown**

A * Means It Returns From Kirby Wii Returns

A ** Means Its A Boss Course

A *** Means Its A New Page

A **** Means It Returns From Kirby Wii Returns As A Boss Course


1. Dynablade

2. Ice Dragon

3. Wham Bam Rock Ghost

4. Dark Mind